Woman with local ties competes on The Amazing Race

By Frank Lewis

September 24, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

When The Amazing Race kicks off for the 2013 season this Sunday on CBS, local residents will have someone for which to cheer. Kimberly DeJesus, wife of Major League Baseball player David DeJesus, is the daughter of former Portsmouth resident Shelly (Daehler) Iliff and her busband Scott Iliff, as well as being the granddaughter of Portsmouth physician Dr. William Daehler.

She will team up with longtime friend Nicole “Nicky” Getz, also the wife of Major League player Chris Getz to win the competition. The filming of this season’s competition is over, and participants are not permitted, by contract, to talk about the competition until the program ends.

“She sends e-mails about it sometimes, but she’s been kind of secretive because she’s not supposed to tell what’s going on,” Dr. Daehler said. “The filming is over because she’s back doing some other things.”

Daehler said it is not unusual for Kim, 32, to get a chance like that because she likes to do artistic things. She is a part-time actor and model in Chicago, and has done commercials including Southwest Airlines. In addition, she is a full-time mother to David “Spidey” DeJesus.

“Her good friend, that’s her partner (Nicky Getz) have been friends for awhile, because she’s a baseball wife too,” Daehler said.

David DeJesus now plays for the Tampa Bay Rays, where he had the walk-off hit last week in the 18th inning of the franchise’s longest game in history, ending at around 2 a.m. Chris Getz is a member of the Kansas City Royals, DeJesus’ former team.

Going into the actual competition, Kim DeJesus was asked what excited her most about traveling, which is the theme of the show.

“Being in crazy situations,” Kim DeJesus said. “I get bored easily, and I’m obsessed with adventure. I also really, really love interacting with people. It’s so fun trying to brighten people’s day with laughing, or making someone feel good. Whether that be through a hug, conversation or just being ridiculous, I can’t wait to meet people from all over the world and see who is out there! So pumped for this crazy adventure.”

DeJesus was born in Wheaton, Ill. where her parents still reside. Dr. William Daehler resides on Timlin Hill in Portsmouth.

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